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Yup that's right!

it's been really swell here on deviantART on this account for a long time and all but I am kind of having those
"well I'm just growing out of my username / account and it isn't me anymore" moments. :P

I was going to wait until after graduation so I could have a moment of a true beginning and what not, but I am
really impatient so  I am just moving right now so I won't forget in the future! :XD:


now before any unhappy mobs form let me explain why I am doing so in the first place and alleviate any growing concerns.

:bulletblue:  This account will not be deleted, I will just not be active on here anymore or post any more art on this one.

:bulletblue: Since dA took away the option to transfer premium memberships to other accounts this account is
stuck with a very long gift from a friend unfortunately. (In which I will most definitely pay her back in time! )
I may use this account for some things here and there but it will no longer be my main anymore.

:bulletblue: Please don't try to persuade me to stay on this account and don't bother with the
"well don't move because you have a prem on here!" excuse, it won't fly with me. While I truly appreciate the kind gift I never
pressed or asked people to give me one in the first place. Besides in time I will purchase a new prem for my new account.


Why I am moving you ask? well it's quite simple and it goes deeper then just a username bothering me (although that's a big factor)
although I do enjoy the new friends I have made over the year and increased popularity, I just don't feel like an individual on this account.
I seem to have let myself go on this account and just run around joining clubs and OCTs desperately to get attention and meet new people.
So I figured it would be best to start over, and try re-approaching dA with a more passive way. As in focusing more on friends and interaction then crazy page views and popularity.

Also to be quite honest, my username is really kind of a big factor driving me away. I made this account back in 2009 because I thought my
old account was too weebo-ish back in the day. At the time of this account's creation I was in a pretty horrible depression with my grandmother passing away, losing a couple of horses and my mother's breast cancer. So I figured you know what... my life really sucks right now!
I might as well name myself "Unlucky" and add a 13 in it as well! why the f*ck not?!  
truly I was never gothic or emo by nature, more like influenced by outside complications that put a real damper on my mood and overall attitude.

Well just like kidney stones, everything passes in time.
My mother went to the best cancer centers in the world known as M.D. Anderson and was treated for the cancer, so far she has been
risk free for about 3 years now which is a great sign and I couldn't be happier!
as high school ends, things are looking a lot better no more stupid cliches, bullies and immature assholes to deal with anymore in less then
a couple of weeks. What I really needed to realize was that I was never really "unlucky" in the first place, but just happened to grab
the blunt end of the stick one too many times.  Life is good, despite some misfortunate events that are thrown at you here and there.

but being on this account always kind of felt like there was a residual ghost lurking around, you know?
Like some phantom is always kind of just chilling around touching all mah shiz and bugging me on here constantly.
It's like this account has kind of depression / dark mood still kind of lingering around on it even though all the bad things have been
fixed and passed. I can't really stand it anymore to be honest, I am in need of liberation from a title that never really belonged to me in
the first place. (it always bugged the hell out of me )

although I bellyache at times I never was a "waganst" person by nature, nor do I wish
to desire to be so by keeping on this account any longer.

so without further adieu!

my new account is no other then:


Some others have already watched it ya'll rock for that, as it was initially made to store "better artwork"  but
I figured it will be best used as my new and permanent account for the rest of the days on dA.


and because someone inquired about the account name itself, I just now figured out the meaning behind it. :XD:

Cross - a symbol to my religion of Christianity, in which I view it as a symbol of beauty, power, courage and hope.
Every time I look at a cross, I always feel safer in some sense, since it reminds me of love and protection which makes me think about
my wonderful family and friends who care about me.

Chuckles - I was always the joker growing up, I always enjoyed making me friends laugh and even cover up my own sadness
with a laugh or smile. I love to smile and laugh, because it brings happiness and I always get such a satisfaction bringing a stupid smirk, grin,
or chuckle to one's face. Stranger or friend.

cheesy as it may all sound it is all entirely true,
I will be moving a couple of things over to my new account eventually once the school year comes to a close.
Thank you all for being so supportive and kind and hopefully you will follow me
on my new account! :)

*just a note, I will try to come back and steal some apps to remain in the few groups I have decided to stay a part of,
although it is not on my top priority at the moment.
  • Listening to: Deadmau5
  • Reading: Catching Fire
  • Watching: House M.D.
  • Drinking: water

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