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April 1, 2011
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.:OLD- Audition Closing:. by xUnlucky-13 .:OLD- Audition Closing:. by xUnlucky-13
I'm done! .... :iconhappyblueplz:
the quality of the pages may be kind of shitty not gonna lie
and I apologize for it, but I am really happy of how
I put the story together!
have a great sense of accomplishment now. :D

now I'm officially ready bby!!
ch'yeah look out world here I come!!! oh and Pierce too >w>"

-goes to delete emo journal from earlier-

again not too many comments on this one sadly, just too tired to think... =A=

heehee people seem to keep thinking Pierce is an innocent
sweetie, and I mean he is in a sense, buuutt his 'real'
attitude is kind of portrayed in this strip here. XDD
a very snarky but kindly determined young man -w-
yes all teenagers can be snarky lil bastards! :heart:

I really wanted to be different from the other introductions,
hope I didn't over-extend the rules.. QAQ

and the last colored strip...I dunno how to describe it but,
while I was working on this audition Zulani and Akuma just
really grew on me.
Kind of felt it was necessary to include the little bit of them
talking together and to bring into acknowledgement of the deterioration of the realms.

thank you everyone for the kind love and support! :heart:
you guys rock! :headbang:

I look forward to competing with you wonderful people!!
fo sho, fo sho! ; u;


~DreamRukia -- Zulani
~PatiLee -- Fiver and Yota
=darkpidgeot10 -- Snowtrap
~Plienuh -- Akuma
*Meanira -- Sharkie (still love him the most though XD)
~fuyukistune -- 937
~oracleforhire -- Karoline
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TrackSurfer Apr 10, 2011  Student Digital Artist
i'l too lazy to reeeaaad XDD
but it looks good .w.
NishiChan Apr 2, 2011  Student General Artist
I have to say i laughed so hard at pierce freaking out and him tied up all confused
his face is pricelessw!!! xDDDD
And Akuma you jerk face xDDD
I can see now how Pierce will openly insult those he doesn't like
and yay for finishing! :iconcheerplz:
xUnlucky-13 Apr 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
haha thanks! glad I could get a couple of chuckles XDD
well of course he would freak out wouldn't you? XD
of course he reacts in funnier ways than normal~
LMFAO! his face makes me laugh too!! :rofl:
I love that guy strangely but yeah! totally can imagine him being a kind
of jerk face xDD
oh yeah, he is kind of a smart ass sometimes~ :iconteheplz:
I know!! I'm so proud :'D
NishiChan Apr 2, 2011  Student General Artist
xDDDD true true I would ferak out
but it's funny cause its' not me! xDDDDD

xDDDDD "is smiles always the cheerful?" xDDDDDD death glare of win!
xDDDD i'm sure he may be a little
He's grumpy cause Katten got him :iconteheplz:

xDDDD its great though

so am I ='D *hugs tightly*
xUnlucky-13 Apr 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
me too! hell I would probably start throwing stuff...XDD
oh I know! thus making it much more comical at his own expense! BD
/fails at sounding smart

teehee~ lDD;
death glares ftw! they are so fun to draw because they can be
much more brutal than being called a fart face or something... xD
lmao Pierce usually gives death glares if he can't think of a comeback XD!

oh snap! maybe that is it! how dare Katten top pester the kid so much!

MousieDoodles Apr 2, 2011  Student General Artist
Good job!! No more worrying!! 8D Yaaaay!!! I really liked how you showed the attitudes between everyone. X3
xUnlucky-13 Apr 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks buddy! 8DD -hug snuggle- <33
I know I feel so happeh!
thanks again, I rather enjoyed playing with everyone's personality a bit~
XD Good job finishing~! Yes! Now that there's an extension, it feels pretty good to be done XD XD

Is that a reference to Finn I see there? :iconimhappyplz:

Haha, I enjoy the interactions you've got here =) The judges do seem like they'd be that chaotic (and the "don't go there girlfriend" totally killed me XD ) Hope that we all get into the tourney and good luck!
xUnlucky-13 Apr 2, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks man! XD
yes! if feels incredible I'm so happy and relieved all at the same
time lmao!

Yeah a little bit XD
but I am not like bashing your character or anything I swear! D8>
I really like Finn, just had to idea of what happened to Pierce from the very
beginning and had to convince the judges that I could make it all work. I wanted to use a little reference to Finn because in a way he is in a similar position so just a little evidence that he could still get in and everything if that makes sense.. ^^;
Thanks! and yeah I like to imagine how they would react together and
get it down on paper, :3
yes of course! there are so many personalities that would clash! XDD
(totally imagine Sharkie saying that to pretty much everyone :lmao: )
Yeah man I hope so too for everyone and thanks! same to you too :)
No no, I didn't take it as bashing (and neither did ~Nightfoot ) so don't worry! We're actually quite flattered you'd throw him in!

This is looking quite interesting~! I they get this show on the road XD
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